PhysicsDiet Status Blog

Jul 31

I spoke too soon

It looks like I was wrong. The database that webhost4life found is the database that has been running for the last few days. And it is missing more than two months of data. I think that is as good as they are going to do at this point.

If your account was created since May, you probably can’t log in. Lots of you have emailed me, unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to reply to you. I hope tomorrow I will be able to reply to those of you who have emailed me.

I am truly sorry this has happened. It was one of my worst fears for the site. The site doesn’t make much money, but that wasn’t why I kept it running all these years. I know many of you have use the site and depend on it, and I wanted to keep it running for you. 

I know several features are still broken. I hope I can find a solution for those problems soon. Once I’ve solved the problems that I can, I’ll turn my attention to finding a better home for When I first created, webhost4life was pretty dependable, and they had great customer support. That obviously isn’t true anymore.

Several of you have emailed me with offers to help with hosting. I appreciate that. I haven’t had a chance to think much about what comes next, but I will get back to you all.

I also want to thank those of you who have donated money. I appreciate the support.