PhysicsDiet Status Blog

Aug 3

Looking for a new home for

As you guys are probably painful aware, the site is still not working quite right. I am going to try to resolve these errors, but it will take me a few days since I don’t use Windows or .NET anymore. So first I have to get a test environment set up.

I’m also looking for a new home for That will be a longer term effort though. And I am not confident I will find a good alternative for .NET hosting since also uses Microsoft SQL Server. The database is currently 1.7GB and most .NET shared hosts limit the size of MS SQL Server databases to much smaller than that.

My current long term plan is to rewrite so it uses a standard OSS stack so I have better hosting options. I actually started working on that a few months ago just so I could play with Rails 3. But it will be a while before I have the spare time to tackle that. Right now I’m in the business time of year for my real job. Things should slow down by September and I’ll start playing with it then.

My immediate focus will be on setting up a test environment in the next few days so I can try to get the current problems fixed. These are the problems I plan to fix ASAP:

  • You can’t save the profile page. This is related to a problem with the way .NET handles resources and the new environment is conflicting with one of the libraries I used for PD.
  • You can’t export the fitness log. I’m not sure what is causing this. 

I’ll test the rest of the app to make sure there aren’t any other major problems outstanding.

I probably won’t worry about getting the old blog fixed since I haven’t updated it in ages. And the forums aren’t compatible with the new infrastructure that webhost4life is using so they won’t be back until at least I find a new home. And they may not come back then. I’ll see what I can do. But I may just replace the damn things with a Facebook page or something else like a Ning site.

I’m all ears if you have any suggestions. I may even open source the new Rails version of once I get it done. I was looking for a free community feature request/support site but I’m not having much luck finding anything. If I do open source the new version I’ll probably just use GitHub’s issue tracking and wiki features. Feel free to contact me on twitter. I also created a Facebook page for PD.